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avocadovpx [userpic]
How to make a Bloody Scalzi

It's a drink. I joked about it at Viable Paradise this year, and John Scalzi asked that I actually make one and post a recipe.

2 Tbsp grenadine syrup
2 Tbsp Rose's sweetened lime juice, or fresh lime juice to taste
cinnamon oil (available where candymaking or cakemaking supplies are sold; try a craft store or Amazon)
about 1/2 cup orange juice, fresh or not-from-concentrate
3/4 cup ginger ale
(optional) one stick of Red Vines red licorice, with both ends snipped off

Combine the grenadine and lime juice in measuring cup. If, after trying a Bloody Scalzi, you find it too sweet or too sour, adjust the amount of grenadine or lime accordingly.

Dip the end of a toothpick into the bottle of cinnamon oil. Use the toothpick end to stir the mixture of grenadine and lime. (You are doing this, rather than using an eyedropper, because one drop of cinnamon oil is too strong.)

Top off the measuring cup to 3/4 cup with the orange juice. (Juice is okay with our without pulp, as long as you respect the pulp influences. If you use Low Acid orange juice, you are missing the point of the Bloody Scalzi.)

Pour the mixture into a glass over ice. A few cubes are okay, but using half a glass of crushed ice will make garnishing easier.

Add 3/4 cup ginger ale. A drier, spicier ginger ale is better.

Garnish with the stick of red licorice, if the glass is not too tall. With the ends snipped, it may double as a straw. Expect the cinnamon oil to remain on the surface of the drink.

The ingredients.

ingredients for a Bloody Scalzi

The drink itself.

Bloody Scalzi

I would describe it as orange-red rather than pink. In my mind's eye, the drink color should match the skin color in this cover photo.


W00t! You've been Whatever-ed. (Not a surprise, of course. But I thought I'd point it out anyway.)

Just looking at the ingredients, I can how why you want a really dry, spicy ginger ale. (I don't suppose you know of one that you can recommend?)


Grown-Up Soda's Extra Dry Ginger Ale isn't quite spicy enough, but it's the best I've found.

And it's no surprise that you knew about this before my LJ feed knew it.

Reed's Extra is the only possible answer. Your local hippie grocery has it for a crap price, your local co-op has it for the same price but sometimes puts it on case special, and Trader Joe's has it cheap.

(For locally-adjusted values of cheap. It's worth it, is what I'm getting at.)

I'll look for it. We don't have a Trader Joe's but we have a Whole Foods. Thanks!

I could skip the cinnamon oil part of it.

Hmm, not really the same.

That sounds delicious! And I'm glad you specified Scalzi's preferred mass market red licorice brand as opposed to the inferior other brand.

We (the VP staff) had quite a discussion before he arrived, about whether he disliked the other brand or just preferred Red Vines. (I think he might eat the other brand, but it's definitely not the same.) It was not as spirited as the discussion about whether potato salad requires eggs, or last year's discussion about whether English is a pidgin, but still.

Missing a key ingredient

What? No Coke Zero??

Re: Missing a key ingredient

Any of those dark-colored beverages are already balanced on such a fine gustatorial edge.

Well, except Moxie.

This sounds delicious!

Thanks! I drank my way through quite a few variations on this theme and enjoyed it.

Not enough bacon.

Bacon-flavored vodka was mentioned in the comment thread at the Whatever, but since John wouldn't drink it, it seemed a bit pointless.

I suppose you could replace the Red Vines stick with a bacon garnish, just not in mine.