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free guide: "How to Write a Great Query Letter" by Noah Lukeman

It seems like several people on my f-list have been talking about query letters lately.

Right now, you can download agent and writer Noah Lukeman's 76-page guide "How to Write a Great Query Letter" for free from Amazon. It focuses on query letters for book-length fiction and non-fiction, but if you're querying for non-fiction articles, you might find some of it useful, too.

(Note that some of the formatting advice may be idiosyncratic, even though Writer Beware's Victoria Strauss calls Lukeman "an accomplished agent." For that matter, some of the formatting in the guide is wrong, but I can't say how much of that is the fault of Lukeman or his publisher, and how much is the fault of Amazon or some intermediary who may have added formatting problems during a file conversion. For example, see the numbering on page 35.)

Below the cut, chapter headings and selected subheadings.

Chapter 1: Preparation

Chapter 2: Formatting
The 4 Formatting Red Flags

Chapter 3: The 3 Paragraph Rule

Chapter 4: The First Paragraph

Chapter 5: The Second Paragraph
Exercise: Creating a Tagline
3 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Plot Paragraph
4 Positive Traits to Have in Your Plot Paragraph
Exercise: Refining Your Plot Synopsis

Chapter 6: The Third Paragraph
4 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Author Bio
6 Positive Traits to Have in Your Author Bio
8 Steps to Building Your Bio

Chapter 7: Fiction Versus Non-Fiction (How a Query Letter Will Differ)
7 Elements to Include When Summarizing Non-Fiction
2 Crucial Elements of a Non-Fiction Bio
How to Build Your Non-Fiction Bio
Different Types of Non-Fiction

Chapter 8: Final Issues to Keep in Mind
7 Common Mistakes

Chapter 9: The Approach (How to Submit Your Query)
4 Things Not to do When Submitting
3 Musts of Submitting
To E-mail or Not to E-mail?
6 Crucial Issue When Querying Via E-mail

Chapter 10: The Art of Follow Up
4 Keys to Successful Follow Up
3 Tools to Have at Your Disposal

Conclusion Checklist: 50 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Query Letter
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