avocadovpx (avocadovpx) wrote,

slush count and rejection points

Slush count: the number of items you have in slushpiles (editorial queues), waiting to be read. The longtime reader will, no doubt, recall my post about imaginary slush count, a post which I am too look for right now.

Rejection points: the number of rejections you have received, since whenever you start counting from. (I think I got that from bmlg.) Rejection points don't count (for me at least) if you really want to be rejected -- they only count if they're from markets you would be happy to be published in and content to be rejected by.

As of yesterday, I consider both counts to be set to zero.

As of right now, I have a slush count of two. Go, me.

Current goal: slush count + rejection points >= 10 by VP this year. If this turns out to be way too easy a goal, I'll adjust upwards.

I should probably write something else.
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