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State of the Avocado

One rejection last week, a personal rejection with a useful bit of criticism in it. I suspect that the bit of criticism is a problem with a lot of the pieces I have on the scrap heap, and that I'll need to correct that before I'm able to regularly sell pieces. (No, I'm not mentioning specifics here.)

One piece written last week, for a prompt game with someone on my f-list who can reveal it here if they wish. It's strange to finish a first draft and realize what you were writing fanfic of (non-skiffy; the prompt gave me the skiffy element to add in), right down to the number of syllables and stresses in your characters' first and last names.

Medical stuff going on with my family, which has taken some time lately. Don't worry; everyone's fine.

The new job continues. I have a big exam later this year that I'm having to study for. Apparently I have not only forgotten everything I learned in college, but also some things that I saw in a book once. Time has not merely burgled the cabinets and drawers of Memory, not even stopped at the furniture, but stolen the carpet, drywall, and slab. Wish me luck.

Viable Paradise stuff seems to be trucking right along, due in particular to the dogged (catted?) persistence of Aviatrix18.

If you have a Readercon report, feel free to link it in comments. It seemed like hardly anyone wrote much about 4th Street this year, and I'm feeling withdrawal from the friends and interesting discussions.

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