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avocadovpx [userpic]
Dreams can come true

Who hasn't dreamt of seeing the National Roller Skating Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska? I hope I'll have time.

For now, my flight is delayed in Chicago-O'Hare, known (by me, at least) for its terrible food choices. Let's hope I find something better than the Manchu Wok.


Manchu Wok is EVERYWHERE!!! Have a good flight.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

But can you get good challer bread?

See you soon.

Ah, a familiar sight.

You want terrible food choices, try ATL.

I think I will. Today.

I imagined your picture as a picture of the National Roller Skating Museum - not a museum of roller skating, but a vast outdoor museum that you're required to go through only on roller skates, following either the green tracks or the red ones.

Or are the red tracks possibly intended for some other purpose?

You have an excellent imagination. Have you considered a career as a writer?

(I hear you're busy these days. Am I going to have to sign up for Facebook under an assumed name to get regular Garunya updates?)

A writer, eh? Sounds tempting :) (uh-oh, November's right around the corner again. Am I going to make another botched attempt at NaNoWriMo?)

Yeah, the FB alias is your best bet, I think... and even Terri's there now (though I don't think I was the cause in that case) ;)

Yeah, O'Hare is pretty bad. If you're going through there again, there is a Wolfgang Puck (the restaurant, NOT the stands) that makes a decent tortilla soup.

I love tortilla soup.

Flying through ATL today, Detroit on the way back. Maybe ORD and Wolfgang Puck next time?