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December 2012
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avocadovpx [userpic]
Busted flat in Baton Rouge, waiting for a train

Flying to Boston this afternoon for Viable Paradise 14.

Will probably post short observations during the workshop on Twitter, as @MrPersimmon. If I collect them and drop them into LJ as a daily-or-so post, I'll try to keep it as unobnoxious as possible for Twitter hatred.

I'll read all comments here and will try to respond as best I can. I expect it will be mostly on my phone, and I haven't seen a good LJ app for Android.

As will be apparent in any photos, I seem to have acquired a beard. (Voidmonster, you have no competition from this direction.)


Oh, cool! Are you a student or staff this year?

Staffie again. This looks like a good bunch of students (not that the others weren't either).

Please do have an appropriate amount of fun. Yes.

Will try to mete and dole the fun in appropriate measure.

You will be thought of fondly, even if I have to remind MacAllister to do so.

Have fun at VP!

And wow... a bearded avocado. I can't wait to see the pics of this!

Yes, the rare bearded avocado.


Has the Avocado turned evil?!


Ah! I wondered who that was!