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avocadovpx [userpic]

It amuses me that my daily packet of vitamins looks like a, hrm, different sort of preventative. I usually try to keep them turned the other way (so the pills are visible, rather than just the gold wrapper) when I leave them on my desk at work, before I take them mid-morning.

One of my daily rituals. Any funny little daily rituals on your part, f-list?

(I'm trying out a new app for my phone, Pixelpipe, in hopes of making it easier to upload pictures to LJ and, in turn, easier to blog more often. Expect hiccups.)

Current Location: work
Current Music: typing

Are you sick? Not good!

Or is that a manuscript?

Nice teacup!

Ha! I tried to upload a picture with an ap on my phone and thought it hadn't worked. Apparently it made a whole post for the photo. So, I've added some text in the post.

Trying to stay well here! Sick in November, but hopefully the rest of flu season will miss me.

That's work stuff on my desk. The top line says "Flow Chart for Foundry Vase Production." Either this is a technical document, or it's the worst novel I've ever read. [/Groucho]

The mug was a gift from someone here at work. Thanks!

"Flow Chart for Foundry Vase Production" would be kind of a kickass title for a short story. Maybe if one single word were changed out for something more overtly SFFNal. I guess it's the "Flow Chart for...."

ITA. "Flow Chart for Foundry Vase Production" rocks as a short story title. (Or even a novel title, really.)

Short story challenge?

What is a "foundry vase" or are we talking about producing a vase in a foundry?

Producing a vase in a foundry. These are bronze vases for funeral monuments.

I smell a short story challenge...

Or maybe that's mint truffles. I made mint truffle filling tonight, to be made into mint truffles at some later date...

You know, getting the vitamins mixed up with some other sort of preventative is the kind of farcical complication that's hilarious in fiction but not so much in real life.

Maybe if someone takes your phone by surprise and scares it, the app will work better? (Or maybe if someone suitably imposing dares it to hiccup? One of my 6th grade teachers -- I had two that team taught-- was really good at that.)

>> hilarious in fiction but not so much in real life

It's important to know which genre you're living in, and I seem to spend a lot of time in a sitcom. I wish it were better-written, but at least the supporting characters are awesome.

>> Maybe if someone takes your phone by surprise and scares it, the app will work better?

If cell phones are the virtual assistants of the future, how does one scare them? "I don't care if I'm three months into a 2-year contract -- either you find a cell signal, or I'm paying the cancellation fee and getting an iPhone!" I don't think my phone minded when it ran out of charge, and dropping it seems only to have made it resigned to having a clumsy owner.

>> dares it to hiccup

When this works, it's probably because the person is scared to hiccup, right? (I'm assuming that's how I should read the dare part.) But I think it would work better for me if they tried to get me to hiccup more. I don't know about the phone.

I'm sure you know the famous hiccup cure from Making Light...

I have this daily ritual where a cat climbs on my keyboard while I'm typing and tries to lie on my hands. It's not my ritual so much as theirs, though.

No, I don't have any kind of daily ritual, really.

Isn't there also a certain time of night when the cats chase each other? Or am I confusing your cats with someone else's?

And what, no coffee-related ritual?

Speaking of rituals, I have been trying to write you an e-mail for several days. Look for it tomorrow? (Perhaps attaching a date will shoo my sit-down-and-write-email hiccups away!)

Again, that's their ritual, not mine, but yes they do have a traditional 11PM freak out.

No coffee-related ritual! I make coffee one way or another, I drink it from a clean cup, I become alert, the end. I have noticed before, actually, that I'm not much for rituals.

Thanks for the long email!