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December 2012
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avocadovpx [userpic]
5 things make a State of the Avocado address

1) There doesn't seem to be a decent Android app for reading or posting to LiveJournal. LJing in the browser is a bit messy, and I don't seem to be spending much time with the computer at home. But I'm trying to catch up with what you've been doing, honest.

That said, if you want me to know something or answer something, e-mail me. If you don't have my e-mail address, comment here. If I don't have your address, leave it in disguised form in the comments so you don't get spammed.

2) I'm buying a house. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I'm having my doubts.

3) Viable Paradise 15 has opened for submissions, so there's been some work for me on that end of things. Jay Lake and Sherwood Smith are replacing John Scalzi and Laura Mixon, and I think I'd pay to hear them sit around and critique the phone book. (Too many characters, not enough plot, they would probably say.)

4) The job continues. Some of my co-workers who had been chilly to me have warmed up. Maybe it's the weather. I think my biggest problem right now is figuring out which skills I should spend my time getting better at.

5) My travel schedule for the year is VP15 in early October, probably Worldcon Reno in August, and probably World Fantasy San Diego in late October. I had planned to travel to Austin next month on business, but that looks like a bad idea now because of house stuff. If I can work it out, I'll take one or two trips for work some time this year (they've been good about approving training travel), but they probably won't be to Exciting Destinations like, uh, wherever you live.


Congratulations on the house! A stressful process, to be sure. I hope it all goes smoothly!

Hope you find a house you really like. Congrats.

No more Laura? Sniff!

And add me to the house congrats.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Are you doing WF in San Diego?

San Diego in October?? Really??? Don't tease me. PLEASE! I can't take it.

That would be so FREAKING awesome! Diana is going, and Barbara, and Dave, of course, and so many others. It'll be like a reunion! I hope it works out for me...erm...I mean...for you.

A house? That's fabulous! Congratulations!

Did you get the package I sent yet?

There are several lj clients. I don't know if they're any good: https://market.android.com/search?q=livejournal

You can also log onto the m.livejournal.com

LJBeetle isn't entirely hateful.