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avocadovpx [userpic]
Good idea at the time, part whatever

I have plenty of things I should be doing, and yet I keep thinking it would be fun to learn to play the ukulele.

Learning a few chords on the guitar would be much more useful. You might as well offer me salsa when I want chocolate.

I am feeling almost procrastinatey enough to start cleaning the house. But not quite.

Posted via LjBeetle


Forget the guitar, chicks dig guys who can play the ukulele. It's a great instrument, go for it.

Agreed... And note the ljBeetle...

Guitar may be more useful, but there's nothing stopping you learning both... and why not start with the one that seems more fun?

(and if you don't actually get to the other one in the end, will it really matter?)

Rammstein would be more entertaining on the uke.

(I wish I'd bought the flying-V example I saw in a music shop a while ago.)

Houses just get untidy again. But the ukelele you would have forever.