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Passing For Human

the secret journal of The Avocado of Death

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Perspiring writer.

Occasional musician and band member.

Graduate of the Viable Paradise writing workshop. When I received my acceptance letter and decided to create an account for writing-related stuff, I chose the name Avocado of Death. Make of that what you will -- goth guacamole, probably.

Destroyer of junk food, mostly by digestion.

absolute write, aimee mann, alton brown, anne lamott, antique slang, artisan bread, baked bads, baked goods, baking, ben folds, ben folds five, bird by bird, board games, books, bookstores, boston, bungalows, c.s. lewis, candymaking, charlie peacock, chesterton, chocolate, commodore 64, cory doctorow, cosmic irony, coyote wild, craft of writing, cryptography, dave frishberg, debra doyle, deep space nine, deus ex, dirty rotten scoundrels, dry wit, elisem's jewelry, elliott smith, epistolary novels, escape pod, fantasy, foreign countries, forgiveness, fountains of wayne, french, genre, george gershwin, george orwell, grace, grammar, guster, heroes, hervas's vie et histoire, homemade ice cream, hope, i should be writing, james booker, james macdonald, james patrick kelly, joel rosenberg, jon brion, kevin brockmeier, kindness, languages, laura mixon, lloyd alexander, logic pro, lucinda williams, memphis, moxy fruvous, muppets, narnia, neil gaiman, neil hannon, neverwhere, nickel creek, novels, ok go, old houses, paris, patience, patsy cline, piano, pirates, poetry, pratchett, professor longhair, ragtime, ray charles, raymond chandler, reading, realms of fantasy, reason, rich mullins, sam ashworth, samuel shellabarger, sandman, sarah vaughan, science fiction, science fiction fandom, scott joplin, scottish tablet, secret history, secret rooms, shirley corriher, short stories, sid meier's civilization, snow crash, speculative fiction, steven gould, style, teaching, terry pratchett, the beatles, the princess bride, thomas dolby, tim powers, time travel, tracey ullman, travel, urban fantasy, viable paradise, weird al yankovic, words, writers' letters and journals, writing